June 26, 2014

Roadtrip to Mont Tremblant

Happy Thursday lovelies! Yesterday, I got back from a little 3-day getaway to Mont Tremblant with Matt, so I thought i'd share some of my favourite pictures with you all.

I've only ever been to Mont Tremblant in the winter to snowboard, so I was pretty excited to see what it has to offer in the summer.  Even though it's only about two hour and thirty minute drive from home, we left bright and early in Monday morning so we could spend the full day up at the mountain.  I absolutely love road trips; they're probably my favourite thing about summer.  The drive up was almost entirely through the country, so it was super relaxing and full of pretty scenery. 
We got to the resort around noon, and luckily our room was ready so we could check-in early and drop off our bags. We stayed at this cute boutique-style hotel at the bottom of the village called Ermitage Du Lac. Our suite was spacious and beautifully decorated, and it even had a Keurig in the little kitchenette - a lovely bonus for a total coffee addict like myself!  Once we dropped off our stuff, we headed out to grab some lunch on one of the restaurant patios. We explored the village and some of the boutiques after we ate and then took a ride up the gondola to the top of the mountain.  It takes about 10 minutes to get up to the top but the views were insanely breathtaking!
After exploring for the afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to clean up and go somewhere nice for dinner.  I wasn't wearing any makeup earlier in the day and I wanted to get a little dolled up without putting on too much product because it was still pretty warm outside, so I just did a quick and simple look using the products in my 'Summer Drugstore Beauty Essentials' - plus a little liquid liner!
We walked over to this italian restaurant called Spag & Co  for dinner out on their huge patio. I hardly ever eat pasta, mostly because I'm not really a fan, but for some reason I had a mad craving for  some fettuccini alfredo that night.  This one had pancetta in it with an egg yolk on top - which is definitely different but I'll try anything once, and it was a winner in my books.  We also shared a big pitcher of sangria - the perfect summer patio drink!
The village is so pretty at night; most of the trees and boutiques are lit-up with little christmas lights.  We walked around for a bit after dinner when I decided after one (or two) too many glasses of sangria  that it would be a good idea to model my outfit in the pitch-black of the middle of the night...  I love this dress though! It's a coral see-through maxi with a white tribal print strapless top that I bought a few months ago in Syracuse at Papaya Clothing.  I paired it with my favourite light-wash denim jacket from Garage.
Tuesday was really cold and rainy, so we went to the casino for something to do.  I hate gambling because I always lose, but we got free vouchers from our hotel so it wasn't so bad losing money that wasn't mine! ;)
We went to this small thai restaurant in Vieux Mont Tremblant called Ô-Wok for dinner that night. It's a really cozy, romantic place and we were the only ones there for awhile which was pretty nice.
Probably the fanciest calamari I've ever ordered.
My shrimp pad thai and Matt's beef pad sew.  These were literally the biggest bowls ever, I could only finish half of mine but it was so delicious!
More of the village at night.

On the last morning, Matt and I woke up early so that we could grab breakfast and head up the gondola to hike at the top of the mountain.  
We chose a pretty difficult path that involved a ton of scaling down rocky hills, but we totally needed the extra workout after all the extra calories we took in over the past couple days!  The views from the lookouts along the hike weren't too bad either.
It was such a fun little getaway, but it went by too quickly! I'm hoping we can plan another trip somewhere else before the end of the summer. 

Let me know if you've ever been up to Mont Tremblant or have any exciting road trips coming up!



  1. wow- that looks gorgeous! and so does the food haha! ;)

    1. Hahah thanks girl! Good thing I was only there for 3 days or else I would have been packing on the pounds for sure! ;p

  2. So cute!! Glad you had fun xx