June 11, 2014

Stocking Up for Summer

I had about twenty minutes left of my lunch break to kill the other day, so naturally, I went into Target.  That place will probably be the death me (or my bank account).  Everything they have is so cute and inexpensive, it's pretty much impossible for me to leave empty-handed.  On this recent trip, I was sucked into the huge selection of women's bathing suits with all the unique, brightly coloured styles they have in stock this season.  I honestly felt overwhelmed with all the choices - I ended up with five pieces but I know that if I hadn't had a time limit, I would have easily took home at least five more! Each piece ranges from only $14.99 to $19.99, so you can see my dilema with forcing myself to not buy them all!

shop: top // bottoms

I was immediately drawn to this first set because a) the underwire bandeau cut of the top is super flattering and definitely my favourite style and b) I absolutely loved the colour of it - neon coral just screams summer to me!  Although it's a colour that's best suited with a tan, I still found it to be flattering against my skin tone despite the fact that I'm maybe two shades darker than albino.

shop: top // bottoms

This mint bikini top with a crochet overlay is by far my favourite of the pieces i picked up, and definitely my favourite top in my swimsuit collection at the moment. If something has lace or crochet over it, I'm 99% likely to buy it.  I couldn't even tell you how many lace dresses I have hanging in my closet right now. The fact that this bikini combines lace and the colour mint makes it a solid 10 in my books, and I'm honestly so excited to wear it.  Someone needs to invite me over to their pool like asap so i can break 'er in!

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 This third top matched so perfectly with the two bottoms I picked up so I just couldn't resist.  I love all the colours and the little frilly trim around the cups.

I also picked up a couple new summer polishes so I could rock some bright nails with my new bikinis.  I don't splurge on Essie polishes too often but lucky for me, they were on sale so I picked up two colours I've been lusting over for ages: 'Tart Deco' (left) and 'Bikini so Teeny' (right). Fun, bright nail polishes like these are a definite must-have for me in the summer months; they just brighten my mood every time I catch a glimpse of my nails especially on days where I'm stuck inside working instead of enjoying the beautiful sun outside!

This little summer haul has gotten me so excited to get to actually begin my summer.  I've technically been on 'summer break' for over a month now but I've pretty much done nothing but work so it hasn't exactly felt like a holiday.  I do have a few exciting trips and events coming up soon though,  so I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks!   

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