June 22, 2014

Summer Bucket List

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At the beginning of every summer, I always feel it necessary to write a 'bucket list' of all the things I 
want do and places I want to go before fall comes around.  I got the idea for this post from Jessica of Bows&Sequins - she made a list of 99 things to do in her beautiful city of New York during the summertime.  My list consists of a few activities unique to Ottawa, but hopefully you can get some inspiration on how to spend your summer regardless of where you're from!
Some of these items have been on my summer bucket lists for years now, so I'm determined to cross 
off most of them this summer, if not all!

1. Take a road trip (will be doing this tomorrow!)

2. Read 10 books.

3. Participate in Sunday Bikeday (8km ride down the Rockliffe Parkway - it's closed off for bikers/runners Sunday mornings all summer!)

4. Go to a music festival (Bluesfest tickets purchased and ready for July 3rd!)

5. Ziplining (even though I'll probably pass out from fear)

6. Go on a Haunted Walk of downtown Ottawa - super cheesy I know, but I've always wanted to go!

7. Bonfire night with friends.

8. Spend a day at the beach.

9. Watch a firework show.

10. Get my palms read (real or not, it would still be a cool experience!)

11. Spend a day at Caylpso Waterpark - I haven't been there since it opened a few years ago.

12. Watch the sunset.

13. Watch the sunrise.

14.  Go shopping at a local flea market.

15. Try at least 3 new restaurants/bars downtown.

16. Go kayaking along Dow's Lake.

17. Hiking in Gatineau Park.

18. Finish decorating my bedroom (I have some projects that I've been meaning to finish for months!)

19. Try some new recipes (tons on my Pinterest boards here and here)

20. Have a Ouija board night (because why not?!)

21. Go to a comedy show one night at Absolute Comedy downtown.

22.  Be able to run 5k (running and I have yet to get along...)

23. Make summery drinks and lounge on a patio all afternoon (recipe ideas here)

24. Do a juice cleanse.

25. Try a fun workout class at the gym (like Anti-Gravity Yoga or Power Barbell)

Let me know what's on your summer bucket list!

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