July 11, 2014

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday lovelies! 
This past week has been pretty exciting and eventful for me, so I thought I'd start off the weekend with a little update post to share some of my favourite moments of my week with you all!

1.  Last Saturday night, I saw Lady Gaga perform at Bluesfest and it was both one of the coolest and weirdest experiences of my life.  I love how wild and unique she is, and she definitely knows how to put on a show! She made it more of a huge outdoor rave than just a typical concert.  My friends and I wanted to wear something a little wild, without going so far as to re-create her clear plastic dress as some of the die-hard fans were wearing.

2. On Wednesday, a friend took me to the most amazing little tea shop downtown called The Tea Store.  This place is literally a tea lover's dream; they have an entire wall filled with hundreds of different flavours of loose-leaf tea. I ordered the 'Coconut Cream Chai' because I've never had a coconut flavoured tea, and it was delicious! We sat out on their little patio overlooking the market and  the server brought out our teas in the prettiest glass mugs.  I'm definitely going to go back  sometime soon and try some of their other flavours!

3. I haven't had the time to go to the gym since Sunday, so I've been doing quick 30-40 minute HIIT workouts at home before getting ready to go out for the day.  These types of  workouts are super intense and sweaty, but I love them because I can get in my cardio and some strength training during a really short amount of time!  I like trying out different ones every few days to keep my workouts exciting.  A couple of my favourites are here and here.

    4. Last night I saw The Band Perry at Bluesfest, and they truly rocked it up on that stage! They've been one of my favourite bands ever since I first heard 'If I Die Young' on the radio, so I'm so happy that I got the chance to finally see them live.  I'm also now kind of obsessed with Kimberly Perry's blonde beachy waves! 

5. Earlier today I went to the salon with my friend Beth to get our nails done.  I went for oval-shaped gel nails in this bright pinky-purple shade that's perfect for summer.  I haven't even had them for a day but I'm already obsessed.  We stopped for Starbucks afterwards so obviously I just had to take a typical tumblr-stlye nails and latte photo for instagram ;)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Be sure to let me know about your favourite moments of the week in the comments! 



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    1. Aw thanks girl you're too sweet! I'll check it out for sure! xx