January 12, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Monday lovelies, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
 Mine consisted of work and a little a lot of Netflix, and was over far too quickly since Monday morning for me meant trudging out in the snow for a 10am lecture.  After almost a month of Christmas break, I got a little too used to sleeping in and enjoying my days free of assignments and long bus rides, so I definitely was not looking forward to hearing my alarm clock this morning!
 Honestly, I actually kind of enjoy the start of a new semester at school; new profs, a new schedule, and new classes that actually seem interesting - I just like to complain because it's Monday and that's what I do best! haha
I thought I'd start off the week with a quick little update on what I've been up to over the past week! A few days ago, I went shopping downtown with a friend and we went to this really cool desert place in the market that I've been wanting to try out forever, called Cacao 70. This place is literally a chocolate lover's dream! They have chocolate-covered waffles, crepes, and like 12 different kinds of hot chocolate - lol can you tell that food excites me? 
We got their famous chocolate fondue and went all out with the fixings. The best part was that it came with a little grill to roast marshmallows at our table! I pretty much walked out of there in a chocolate-coma.
With the start of the new year, I've been loving writing in my Q&A a Day 5-year journal (get it here) that I received from my sister last year as a Christmas gift. Each page asks a different question for each day of the year and below there's space for you to fill out your answer. You answer the same question on the same day over 5 years, so it's really interesting to see how your answers have changed overtime. I just take 2 minutes to fill a page out each night, and I really love to see how much my answers have changed or stayed the same over the past year. For those of you who totally fail at being able to keep up regularly with a journal like me, this is perfect because it's really easy to keep up with, but it'll still make for an amazing keepsake to look back on how much things have changed and how you have grown over 5 years. It's also absolutely gorgeous on a bedside table!
Since I was on holidays for the past few weeks, days off from work were pretty much spent watching countless hours of television in my pjs. I took this as an opportunity to finally start watching a couple series that I had heard such great things about but never had the chance to watch. The first was Scandal, which I breezed through almost the first 3 seasons over the break. This show is just so addicting! Highly recommend if you're into law and crime shows, or really if you're just into shows with a lot of drama and excitement and that are just all around perfection! I basically want to be Olivia Pope when I grow up.

The other show I started over the holidays (lol I don't have a life, I know) was American Horror Story and holy this show is so GOOD! The show follows different characters in a different setting each season, with the first being set in an old, creepy house that's haunted by all its deceased residents. I love scary movies, and even though this show is definitely just more creepy and suspenseful than actually scary, I really enjoyed it. I think I watched 6 episodes in a row one day - I did however, go to the gym afterwards for almost 2 hours so that kind of makes up for it? Hahah I swear I did more than just watch tv over the holidays; I went outside and interacted with other people like once or twice - kidding (kind of)

Well that's it for now, hope you had a lovely start to your week! 

 p.s. I'm writing this post while watching The Bachelor, and oh gosh some of these girls are just... 
That poor Ashley S. girl though - I'm honestly praying that her cluelessness is just an act because it's waaay past the point of just being the cute-and-quirky type! I'm definitely rooting for Britt so far this season - she just seems so sweet and genuine and you can really tell that they have something going on between them. If any of you are following this season, definitely let me know you're thoughts!


  1. Haha your post is very interesting!! I know exactly how you feel waking up early morning... I'm going university today I had a 9am Tutorial and I have to travel 2hrs so I wake up 5:30am!!! I hate it when the alarm goes off and even though if I sleep early still I find it very hard to wake up in the morning :P

    By the way love the food pictures it makes me excited too :P

    1. Oh man 5:30 is paaainfuul! :( I feel for ya girl! haha

  2. Replies
    1. It was! :) Pretty much anything involving food is always a good time tho hahah

  3. Hey,
    I really love this post- it has totally given me food envy! And that journal is such a good idea, I really want to get one now. Like you said, I'm terrible at writing in a diary / journal, but little short questions like those in the q & a look amazing!
    I really love your blog, and think you deserve more followers so I nominated you for a liebster award. The questions are on my blog, I would love it if you took part!